Monday, September 21

5 Tips To Choose The Right Colors For Your Bedroom

Having a luxe room is all about finding the right colors that you feel comfortable in. One room where this is especially important is the room you relax in after a long day’s work – your bedroom! Your most intimate room should be a picture of calm and soothing tones from decor to furniture. When it comes to paint you will need a color that isn’t too intrusive yet allows your tastes to shine through.

Neutral Tone

Your neutral creams, beiges and whites are the bread and butter of bedroom decoration. They can be used by themselves, for the popular minimalist look, or as a good contrast for more lively colored carpet, artwork, curtains or bedding. The lighter neutral shades can also be used with darker accents to keep the sense of light in the room. Neutral is a safe choice to use as a backdrop to brighter accessories.

Bright Can Work

If you’re the kind of person who loves a vivid yellow or hot pink then by all means use it for your bedroom. As a rule, however, I would recommend painting one wall in your preferred color and using a neutral or pastel for the rest of the room. A lighter color can also add the effect of space to a room. An alternative to loud colors on the walls is to use them as accents. Curtains and mirrors are good choices here as they will accentuate the light due to their positioning.


If bright colors are too overpowering, but neutral is too monotone, then the beautifully toned-down and sophisticated style of pastel shades could be for you. They are one of the best bedroom paint colors due to their soothing nature and splash of color. Purples and blues are the most popular choices but pink and yellow make wonderful alternatives. Pastel tones will also mesh well with darker furnishings.

Plan For Light

The direction your bedroom faces can actually affect the type and shade of paint you use. If your bedroom faces due east or west then the cool nature of pastel balances the intensity of the sunlight while a brighter color enhances it. Either can work for you depending on how you view mornings and evenings. South facing rooms benefit from cooler colors and cool neutrals, while north needs a bit more pop as cooler colors will be washed out.

When Am I In The Bedroom?

The best bedroom paint colors are the ones that fit your particular situation. It may be instinct to want the room to be as light as possible – no matter the size – but would you feel more relaxed in a cocoon brought on by darker tones? If you are mainly in there after sunset you may want a warmer color that thrives under artificial lights.

Soft colors and calming hues, whether walls or floors, are perfect choices for however you use your bedroom. You should always aim for either a contrast of light and dark accents or a one-theme neutral color scheme for the best results. Add some comforting textures like a thick carpet or rug and fluffy cushions to keep the room from feeling clinical.